My Scattered Brain and Happy Healthy Hormones

Hello world 🙂

I’m one of those people who procrastinates, never follows through and whose mind works at 1000 miles an hour.

This means…

I am like my mother.

That posting on a blog is hard (I’ve drank too much green tea so my brain is jittery and can’t come up with a better adjective than hard).

Here are some reasons why I decided to blog;

  • To actually get some of my ideas that whiz past my brain actually down on (electronic) paper.
  • To foster my creativity.
  • To give and collect beneficial ideas.
  • To belong to a community that understands and shares my ethics and beliefs*.

* I call my views on holistic well being beliefs not a “hobby” “interest” or “lifestyle”

Reasons for not blogging and why I posted two entries then disappeared for a while;

  • I thought no body was reading it (which shouldn’t matter because half the reason I want to do it is for personal growth).
  • I felt pretentious.


I discovered a few people are  in fact reading my blog. So my pretentious ego did a happy dance and here we are.

So if your reading this I have a…

Question: What do you love reading about in blogs?

I love food porn, new ideas on natural health, nutrition facts, creative cooking and uncooking and general rants on issues of the world we live in.


So now that you are bored to tears by my personal rantings lets move on

In my previous blog I started talking about hormones. After lots of thinking and researching I decided I really dont know enough on the subject to relay information in a coherent way. So Ive put together some basics and then next post will give you a book/website list.

First lets talk about why hormones are such a big problem these days.

In a womens menstrual cycle (eek I hate scientific names for lovely lady things) there is a balance of progesterone and estrogen among other hormones. These are regulated my the hypothalamus (part of your brain) and the pituitary gland (located at your third eye), the hypothalamus tell the pituitary when to secrete what.

A normal healthy cycle goes for 28 days and at the 14th day which is when ovulation occurs the hypothalamus, who I picture is a watchman up in a tower over seeing everything, realizes there’s not enough progesterone floating around and radios the pituitary and says;

“Come in pituitary, this is hypothalamus, can you please secrete some progesterone? Do you copy?”

And progesterone replys

“Copy that. Releasing now mate.”

And that is what happens in a healthy body. Do you think your hormones are healthy?

Have you ever taking the contraceptive pill?

If so then you may be having issues with progesterone release. Why?

Because dear old hypothalamus gets lazy when you take the pill. What happens is there is always enough FAKE progesterone floating around from the pill and so the hypothalamus never has reason to call upon the pituitary to release any REAL progesterone.

So he just sits up there in his watch tower and figuratively eats doughnuts and milk (maybe this why we gain weight on the pill lol) getting lazy and fat and falling asleep because he no longer needs to watch over progesterone levels.

“Wait” you say! “Im not on the pill anymore, so Im healthy as can be.”

BUT what Im saying is that your hypothalamus has already established a habit, there has always been enough fake progesterone so it has become dormant from underuse.


This is why many women have the following issues after taking the pill;

Irregular cycles

Painful cycles including cramps and breast tenderness

Trouble conceiving

Reduced libido

Mood swings


Depression and so on.*

Did you know that more and more women are actually going through menopause at younger and younger ages. For example its not unheard of for 20 year olds to experience menopause.

Ok so what is going on to cause all of this? It cant JUST be the pill can it?

No, no its not. I will post later on how this gets even more complicated by xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens.




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