Coconut oil. Extra Virgin? Unrefined? Raw? Deodorized?

I bought a lovely bunch of coconuts…sitting here all in a jar.

The lovely coconut oil was purchased from a reputable organic store where my friend works. I trusted completely that this was the best quality coconut oil. WITHOUT looking at, no, scrutinising to within an inch of its life, the label.

(insert standard game show “you lost” noise)

It is organic. And that’s about it. It is refined. It is not extra virgin. And while I can’t really tell if its deodorized I’m assuming refined includes deodorized.

I’ve scoured the internet hoping to understand what label claim means what. There is a lot of scattered information out there.

From what I can tell the best bet for coconut oil is…

extra virgin certified organic unrefined coconut oil. (try to say it 5 times fast)

Extra virgin insures it is processed straight away instead of sitting around going rancid.

Which means they don’t have to RBD. (Refine BLEACH and deodorized)


So now I’ve learned my lesson. I found a great give away for coconut oil at one of my fav blogs.



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One response to “Coconut oil. Extra Virgin? Unrefined? Raw? Deodorized?

  1. i’ve heard from raw chefs that deodorized is nice for some recipes but yes, is processed more.

    thanks for the link up!

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