Almond Milk.

I made almond milk for the very first time today…

who needs a vitamix and nutmilk bag

It was so much more beautiful than I expected.  I don’t have a high speed blender (mine was $40 from the grocery store) or a nutmilk bag and I was dubious at first but so happy with the results.

Recipe for Almond Milk

you need…

1:3 ratio of almonds to water

a blender

a sieve (the closer knit the better)

this is the type of sieve i used.

The almonds should be soaked before you attempt this in an incompetent blender.

Soaking nuts and seeds is tops because:

Their easier to blend


Mother nature is brilliant and has came up with a way to make sure nuts and seeds start growing only at the optimum time.

Plants insure their seeds will survive by utilizing enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid. Only when the nut or seed falls to the ground and gets a good watering does it decide to grow.

Interesting Fact

Some chemicals used by other plants for survival include caffeine and nicotine (and we consume them for pleasure? what?)

any who…

Soaking nuts in water more or less gets rid of these nastys and makes the seed think that its time to grow big and strong into a tree. Why is this good for us?

1. No inhibitors

2.  Easier digestion

allowing for…



I soaked mine for 24 hours.

Then I drained them and whipped them up in my blender with 3 times as much water as almonds. Then strained it. Then bottled the milk.

It actually looks like milk. It made me smile.

You can use any nuts or seeds to make milk. You can also sweeten it if you like by adding a couple of dates to the blender or adding the finished nut milk to the water of some coconuts. Mmmm coconutty milk.

So thats how you make almond milk.

And consequently get left with a bunch of almond pulp…

What to Do With the Pulpy Goodness

1. Put it on your face. Yes. Put it on your face as a mask or as an exfoliant.

2. Add it to a smoothie

3. Make hummus. Add tahini, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, garlic and whatever spices and herbs you desire and blend (I like cumin and ground coriander, fresh coriander and an avocado would have been lovely but I didn’t have any).

4. Make a nut burger out of it. Not sure how Im going to do this but I think it’s a brilliant idea.

5. Dehydrate it and use it as flour.

6. Be creative and do whatever the heck you want with it.

Im thinking it can be used as tofu substitute in certain recipes, or added to raw vegan desserts, and so on.

If all else fails it freezes very well.



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